Going to a Theme Park on the Cheap

We all know that theme parks are a lot of fun. But, even if you stay in motels in Medford Oregon, you may have some issues finding cheap ways to get there. Here are some hints that you can use in order to make sure that your theme park experience is a lot cheaper than it would have been otherwise.

Go in the off season. October and March are great times for you to go ahead and get to your favorite theme park; it’s right after and right before the season really kicks off. The tickets, especially multi-day passes, can be over $100 cheaper if bought ahead of time.

If you don’t go in the off-season, wait until closer to the time to buy your tickets. Theme parks wait to start their sales during the first couple weeks of tourist season: Late May and early June. If people are coming to the parks a lot, then they’re less likely to offer large discounts.

Use membership discounts to your advantage. Triple A (AAA – American Automobile Association) memberships are a great tool. An AAA membership is about $150 -$200 a year, and if you utilize it correctly, it ends up paying for itself rather quickly.

Don’t buy more ticket than you need. If you’re going to somewhere like Disney for 3 days, don’t get a 5 day Hopper pass. Just get a 3 day one, because who knows if you’re going to be able to find it later on. Just get what you need and upgrade later if you need to (sometimes, you can get a discount for it).

Variety is the spice of life. Especially if you have kids, switch between the places you are going. Look for zoos, museums, national monuments, water parks, or whatever else nearby.